good-badpixabyfreeCurrent Popular View of the Reformation

The January 17, 2017 edition of expressed the current popular view of the Reformation held by mainstream Protestant Christianity:

The archbishops of Canterbury and York issued a statement on Tuesday recalling “the lasting damage done five centuries ago to the unity of the Church, in defiance of the clear command of Jesus Christ to unity in love”.

Popular View of the Reformation in the 19th Century

J. H. Merle d’Aubigne expressed the attitude of mainstream Protestant Christianity of the 19th century toward the Reformation:plow-pixabyfree

The effect of the Reformation on society was to reconstruct; prejudice alone could say that it was an instrument of destruction. It has been said with reason, with reference to the work of reform, that “the ploughshare might as well think that it injures the earth it breaks up, while it is only fertilizing it.”potatofield-pixabyfree

What has caused this shocking change of opinion in Protestant Christianity?