The Reformation

…the idea of a universal education of the human race, accomplished by Jesus Christ, has become the historian's compass, the clue to history, and the hope of the nations. J. H. Merle d'Aubigné


As a permanent reminder, the Reformers cast in concrete the nation/beasts of Daniel 7 lest we forget what they suffered for our freedom.

This blog is about the Reformation and what it gave, as a heritage, to the world. In the words of H. Grattan Guinness, “The Reformation of the sixteenth century, which gave birth to Protestantism, was based on Scripture. It gave back to the world the Bible.”

Today’s apathy toward this truth has brought upon us a spiritual crisis which the Bible predicted. It is my hope that the information found here will bless the reader with a clear understanding of the facts of the Reformation. I pray that everyone who reads these pages will feel the need for personal spiritual reformation, for it is within each of our hearts that this work must begin.