The Reformation

…the idea of a universal education of the human race, accomplished by Jesus Christ, has become the historian's compass, the clue to history, and the hope of the nations. J. H. Merle d'Aubigné

Protestant Reformation Resources- Germany

Here are all the posts on the German Reformation in one printable pdf. I’ll be posting a book of matching worksheets soon.

The Reformation in Germany

Click a link to download and print stories and worksheets. New pages are added weekly.

early-school-years-crossword early-school-years-crossword  1 Early School Years

2 Martin Luther Goes to University Worksheet  2 Martin Luther Goes to University

3 Martin Luther Becomes a Monk

4 John Staupitz    john-staupitz-word-scramble

5 Luther is Ordained a Priest

6 Luther Moves to Wittenberg      luther-moves-to-wittenberg-match-up-with-answers

7 Answers   7 Why Did Luther Not Want DDiv    7 Worksheet

8 Where Did the Reformation Start-printable  8 Where Did the Reformation Start-worksheet

9 The Theses You-ve Probably Never Heard Of

10 The Sale of Indulgences Worksheet   10 The Sale of Indulgences

11 The Shocking Truth About Indulgences worksheet   11 The Shocking Truth About Indulgences

12 95 Theses worksheet   12 Luthers 95 Theses-printable

13 Luther-s Letters worksheet    13 Luther-s Letters

14 Response to Theses Worksheet     14 Response to Theses

15 The Frightening Summons        15 The Frightening Summons Worksheet

16 Luther and De Vio Worksheet     16 Luther and De Vio

17 Luther Flees Augsburg Worksheet       17 Luther Flees Augsburg

18 Did Luther Give Up the Reformation worksheet       18 Did Luther Give up the Reformation

19 Rome Breaks the Peace Worksheet       19 Rome Breaks the Peace

20 Results of the Leipzig Debate  20 Results of Leipzig Debate-Worksheet

21 Appeal to the German Nobility    21 Appeal to the German Nobility Worksheet

22 The Papal Bull Worksheet   22 The Papal Bull

23 Miltitzs Surprising Move Worksheet   23 Miltitzs Surprising Move

24 The Bull Arrives in Germany Worksheet   24 The Bull Arrives in Germany

25 Coronation of Charles V Worksheet   25 Coronation of Charles V

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