The Reformation

…the idea of a universal education of the human race, accomplished by Jesus Christ, has become the historian's compass, the clue to history, and the hope of the nations. J. H. Merle d'Aubigné

Protestant Reformation Resources – Switzerland

Zwingli1   Zwingli1-worksheet

Zwingli 2     2 Zwingli Visits Rome-Worksheet

Zwingli 3-Church in the Wilderness         Zwingli 3 – Worksheet

Zwingli 4      4 Zwingli Goes to Zurich Worksheet

5 Samson Seller of Indulgences    5 Samson Seller of Indulgences Worksheet

6 Zwingli is Struck Down with Plague    6 Zwingli is Struck Down with the Plague Worksheet

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